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Fernandez Consulting

Fernandez Consulting Advisors

Fernandez Consulting advisors is a company specializing in consultation and advice for small and medium-sized companies.

Our geographical placement, in the midst of Alicante’s White Coast, and our ample knowledge and experience in judicial, fiscal and labor consultation for our clients, both nationally and internationally, make us a referential company in our sector, with an ample and extended professional background.

Nevertheless, Fernandez Consulting is not only a consultation and advising firm for companies. It also offers a wide array of services to its clients, both individuals and companies, to the extent of offering an almost absolute coverage of the client's needs. Fernandez Consulting offers its clients the following professional services, which include:

  • Fiscal and labor accounting
  • Society operations
  • Financial intermediation
  • Insurance brokerage.
  • Services for non-residents.
  • Translations into 25 languages
  • Technical reports and appraisals.

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