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Fernández Consulting es ante todo una empresa consultora especializada en el asesoramiento jurídico, fiscal y laboral de pequeñas y medianas empresas. En particular, los principales servicios especializados que ofrecemos a nuestros clientes son los siguientes:

  • Judicial, fiscal and labor advice: One of the services offered to our clients within the professional range of activities of Fernandez Consulting is consultation on judicial, fiscal and labor matters. Furthermore, our company has an independent judicial service administered by specialized personnel.
  • Financial intermediation: Fernandez Consulting can help its clients to resolve the obtention of home and/or consumer loans, financial policies, credit lines, etc., obtaining the best possible conditions in each particular case.
  • Fernandez Consulting also specializes in second mortgages and refinancing of past-due accounts and forfeits. Particularly, some of the services we offer in this subject are:
    - Consolidation of loans and refinancing debts
    - Difficult cases with ASNEF, RAI, judicial foreclosures, social security, etc.
    - Mortgages for foreigners
  • Fiscal and labor accounting: Fernandez Consulting manages every aspect of your company, from bookkeeping, both for autonomous as well as for societies, to the fiscal and labor management of the company, advising you at all times in these subjects.
  • Insurance brokerage: We are Authorized Insurance Agents for insurance companies such as Zurich and Aresa, and as such we offer our clients all types of insurance for homes, automobiles, commerce, civil responsibility, life, sickness, etc.
  • Society operations: We advice and help in the management of all kinds of society operations, from the construction of societies to the buy-sell process of social participations, statutory modifications, promotion of executives, liquidations and dissolutions of active societies, etc.
  • Transference, purchase and sale of business and companies: Do you wish to transfer or acquire a business? Fernandez Consulting manages and advices its clients’ affairs in matters of transference and purchase or sale of business and companies, through the elaboration of market research, profitability and business viability reports of the business intended to be transferred or acquired.

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