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Services : For non-residents

Since our beginnings, and largely due to the geographic placement of our company, Fernandez Consulting came into being with the vocation of serving as springboard for all those foreign nationals, and specially non-residents, who had acquired or were thinking about acquiring real estate in Spain, or who were interested in starting some kind of professional activity in our country.

Fernandez Consulting is, above all, a plural company, in which every one of our employees speaks more than one language, and in which there is an ample gamut of services designed specially with for the foreign sector, such as:

  • Service Contracts for Non-Residents: Spanish legislation requires that every non-resident alien designates a fiscal representative in Spain. With this need in mind, Fernandez Consulting developed the idea of creating a contract of services for non-residents in which, for a small annual sum, the legal representation of that sector is guaranteed, and they are aided in management, advisory and other matters related to their fiscal obligations or any other requirements in this country.
  • Residency Proceedings / N.I.E.
  • General judicial and fiscal advice for Non-Residents
  • Advising and management of purchase and sale operations, acceptance of successions, testaments and wills, etc. Fernandez Consulting advises and manages the affairs of all foreign residents in their own languages, in their wishes to purchase or sell real estate in Spain, as well as performing any other type of judicial business, thus guaranteeing the legality and safety of all the intended proceedings.
  • Translations into more than 25 languages and certified translations
  • Proceedings Before Public Offices

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